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Kris is a Beacon Hill outsider focused upon changing the narrative on how we, as society, think about our government.

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The Platform

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Ten Things I Believe in: Preventing gun violence through universal background checks, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines while protecting the rights of citizens to keep guns for safety and recreation ; Increasing access to mental health services; A review of our sentencing laws, particularly for non-violent drug offenders and mandatory minimums; Strong state laws and […]

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Labor and Economic Development

5 Ideas Kris supports: Strengthening, enforcement, and creation of laws to discourage and prohibit the outsourcing of Massachusetts jobs to states and countries with lower labor standards; Strengthening, enforcement and creation of laws guaranteeing all workers the right to organize, bargain collectively and strike; Increased local aid and other forms of assistance to help cities and […]

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Taxes and Expenditures

7 Ideas Kris supports: A tax code that sets different rates according to corporate ownership structure, leveling the playing field and creating preferences for businesses that generate community growth and participation. Fair, equitable corporate and personal taxes and fees, which do not unduly burden low income families; Increased local aid and other forms of assistance […]

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10 Principles Kris Supports: High-quality, universal preschool and full-day kindergarten; Closing achievement gaps that disproportionately affect students of color, low income students, English language learners, students with disabilities, and students in the Commonwealth’s Gateway Cities;  Professional development for public educators; The preservation and enhancement of our school and public libraries; Civics education as an integral part […]

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Privacy and Individual Liberties

“The fact that technology now allows an individual to carry such information in his hand does not make the information any less worthy of the protection for which the Founders fought.” —U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in Riley v. California (2014) Technological innovation has outpaced our privacy protections. As a result, our digital […]

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Consumer Protection and Business Regulation

All sophisticated economies necessarily balance the free market and government regulation. The invisible hand must be cuffed in order to prevent it from closing around the middle class. This is especially true today, where the disparity between the wealthy and middle class is so vast.

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Anyone interested in the campaign, whether it is to volunteer or just to ask for more information, is encouraged to reach out.
Address: Wayland, Massachusetts
Phone: 508-969-1335

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