In September of 2009, I finished up my final semester at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo where I received a BA in Philosophy with a concentration in Professional and Applied Ethics. My plan was to attend law school in Michigan after I took a few months off.

“Man plans, and God laughs, as the saying goes.”

My plan lasted less than 24 hours. The day after my final class, I received a phone call from my Grandfather (I call him Pop) asking me to come to Massachusetts immediately. Pop had lost his balance, fell, and due to the injury he suffered, needed surgery as soon as possible. I promised him when I was fourteen that if he ever needed me, I’d be there. All he had to do was call. So I packed up a bag, hopped in my Oldsmobile Cutlass and made it to Wayland the next day. Pop had been living alone for many years since my grandmother passed and those years, as I came to find out, were not easy. Over the next few months of Pop’s recovery, it became clear that the right thing to do was to stay in Massachusetts and look after Pop. Seven years later, I am still here, and so is Pop.

During those seven years, I executed a new plan. I attended law school and received my Juris Doctor from the University of Massachusetts School of  Law-Dartmouth.While in law school, I served as an associate member and then the Business Editor of the UMass Law Review. I also practiced under SJC rule 3:03 for the South Coastal Counties Legal Services Clinic representing low-income and elderly citizens of the Commonwealth in landlord/tenant matters in Brockton, New Bedford, and Fall River.

Upon passing the bar, I started my own law office in Wayland, Massachusetts and still dedicate a large percentage of my time to providing high quality pro bono representation in all sorts of matters for individuals who cannot otherwise afford an attorney but deserve justice.

It is these experiences over the past seven years which have instilled in me a deep sense of duty to give back and is the essence of why I am running for state senate in the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District.




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