Ten Things I Believe in:

  1. Preventing gun violence through universal background checks, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines while protecting the rights of citizens to keep guns for safety and recreation ;
  2. Increasing access to mental health services;
  3. A review of our sentencing laws, particularly for non-violent drug offenders and mandatory minimums;
  4. Strong state laws and enforcement against hate crimes, child abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual abuse, and abuse that is directed against people with disabilities;
  5. Strong intervention and child abuse prevention programs and services for youth and at-risk individuals;
  6. Expanding community-based correctional services;
  7. Targeted re-entry programs focused ending the cycle of criminal behavior;
  8. Protecting consumers against identity theft and fraud;
  9. Addiction prevention and addiction recovery programs;
  10. Adequately funding state court systems