10 Principles Kris Supports:

  1. High-quality, universal preschool and full-day kindergarten;
  2. Closing achievement gaps that disproportionately affect students of color, low income students, English language learners, students with disabilities, and students in the Commonwealth’s Gateway Cities;
  3.  Professional development for public educators;
  4. The preservation and enhancement of our school and public libraries;
  5. Civics education as an integral part of public school curriculum;
  6. Innovative programs to encourage recruitment and retention of high quality teachers;
  7. Public higher education sustained by state funding commitments;
  8. Multiple pathways to college and career readiness in a high skills/high knowledge economy, including our vocational-technical schools and community colleges;
  9. In-state tuition for all resident students who are admitted to Massachusetts public colleges and universities;
  10. Recommitting to the idea of education as a public good so cities like Attleboro never have such disparate shortfalls in funding compared to other cities within the Commonwealth.